Sunday, August 19, 2018

Don't You Listen?: A Profile of Tona Walt Ohama

'She dismissed me as a jock!'

Hockey Hall of Fame sportswriter Eric Duhatschek remembers how Ohama records helped him score indie cred with his best friend’s girl.

Eric Duhatschek

I had two of (Ohama’s) albums on vinyl. My best friend in Calgary is Doug Gossen, former morning man on CHFM. He dated, for a while, a woman named Kerrie Penney, who was on The Movie Show with Larry Day. When we first started to socialize, she dismissed me as a jock, which I found laughable but you deal with that attitude sometimes in the sportswriting gig. But I remember the turning point. I asked her, “Who do you listen to?” and she said, “No one you would know.” I said try me. She mentioned Ohama. I went to the basement and said: “Which album do you want to hear, first or second?” The thaw proceeded from there.


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