Sunday, August 19, 2018

Don't You Listen?: A Profile of Tona Walt Ohama

'This could be a head or organ!'

Liz Janik and Peter Goodwin, co-hosts of Streets of Ontario on CFNY in Toronto and Ohama boosters, recall gory details of their ooze problem.

Liz Janik of Streets of Ontario
on CFNY.

Janik: (Ohama) sent us a note that he was sending something to us. He shipped it off using Canada Post. Time goes by, I get a call from Canada Post, the local post office, saying: There’s a package here and we’d like you to come and pick it up right away. We went over to the post office. “I’m here to pick up the package.” And they said, “Oh, that package. Yes, you will have to go downstairs, out to the shipping area. It’s oozing red liquid.” I go pick up the box and, sure enough, it’s oozing. And it’s in a plastic bag because it was oozing over everything I guess. And I’m taking it home and saying to Peter: “What is it? Do we know it was from him?” I don’t think we knew it was from him at the moment.

Goodwin: I think the label had been obscured…

Janik: … by the oozing! We thought: “This could be a head or an organ or something. Oh my God.” We opened it up so carefully at home and it was his beautiful potatoes that had frozen and gone mooky. He wanted to share a new breed of potato that they had developed on the farm. Shit, I never got the chance to taste them!


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