Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Did It For Everyone — The Feeling (2008)

Tabulate the most common disingenuous statements spoken by professional musicians and "I just play for me, I don't care if anyone else listens," or some variation thereof, must be top o' the charts. The sentiment rings hollow, though, when the artists who trot out this BS line have label deals that put their CDs in stores, their videos on YouTube and their asses onstage. Don't get me wrong: There are countless signed artists who don't pay heed to commercial considerations when making a record but surely even they want people to hear their work when it's done. Otherwise, they would have stayed in their bedroom/basement/garage with the door shut, happily unseen and unheard, like some Milford Academy honour student.

For The Feeling, however, populist is not a naughty word. It's a one-word mission statement. The British five-piece specialize in the sort of glossy, FM pop-rock that conquered the world in the 1970s. Queen, Wings, ELO, 10cc — there's a little bit of each of these bands in The Feeling and had they debuted in 1976 rather than 2006, Roy Thomas Baker and Alan Parsons would have fought each other to the death for the right to produce them.

Refreshingly, The Feeling don't apologize for their well-crafted melodies and lyrics, and one suspects they'd be thrilled, not embarrassed, to appeal to hipsters and housewives alike. In fact, they pretty much say so much on I Did It For Everyone, one of the highlights on The Feelin
g's jinx-defeating sophomore album, Join With Us.

"If sweet harmony could spread like a flu/Then all the world would be singing it, too/I did it for me/I did it for you/I did it for everyone," frontman/guitarist Dan Gillespie declares on a rousing chorus that would sound great blaring from a radio on a warm, summer day. The rest of the track is damn good, too — beginning low-key and sweetly melodic, like something from the Eels first record, but eventually making room big Brian May guitars, airbrushed vocal harmonies and, right at the end, a baby singing along a music-box keyboard melody. The diaper-filling demographic? Apparently, The Feeling did it for them, too.

I Did It For Everyone (link expired)

Also from Join With Us, here's the video for the opening track and single, I Thought It Was Over:

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