Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I May Hate You Sometimes — The Posies (1988)

The Persuaders said it best on their 1971 soul hit Thin Love Between Love & Hate but that hasn't stopped countless other acts from walking the same adoration/abhorrence tightrope. My favourites: Squeeze's If I Didn't Love You ("...I'd hate you...") and today's post, an early gem from the Jon Auer/Ken Stringfellow songbook.

I May Hate You Sometimes ("...but I'll always love you...") originally surfaced on a self-released cassette titled Failure in 1988 which later re-emerged as the Posies' debut LP. Back then, the Posies were just a twosome comprised of childhood friends Auer and Stringfellow, who multi-tracked themselves into a full-bodied power-pop band.

The dynamic duo doesn't miss a trick: luxuriate in their close harmonies, chiming guitars, shaking tambourine, supremely catchy melody and outstanding middle-eight. You may forget you're listening to the Posies and think you've tripped upon a great, unreleased Hollies single. Yes, it's that good. Meanwhile, the song's jokey title belies lyrics that possess genuine emotion and pathos: "Do you think you could treat me like somebody special," Auer and Stringfellow implore, "I can't be everything to everybody/Could I at least be something to you?" Only the hard-hearted and cloth-eared would be unmoved.

I May Hate You Sometimes (link expired)

And here are Auer and Stringfellow dusting off the 20-year-old tune last December:

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Unknown said...

could you please repost this mp3? i've been looking for this song forever...album out of print, no place to buy mp3 online, etc. it would be greatly appreciated.

DVeitch said...

Sorry, Nikki, but I don't repost mp3s. You can PM me, or find the track on the outstanding Children of Nuggets boxset. You'll buy it for one track, love it for 99 others.