Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Hate Music — The Replacements (1981)

Bongo Jazz is thrilled to learn Rhino's long-awaited Replacements reissue campaign will commence this spring.

First phase of the campaign will cover the Minneapolis band's TwinTone output: The albums Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out the Trash (1981), Hootenanny (1983) and the classic Let It Be (1984), as well as the Stink! EP (1982).

Every title comes with a generous selection of bonus tracks (see below) and one should expect Rhino to do its usual top-notch remastering job on these titles, which have always been poorly served on CD. (Which is a nice way of saying they sound like crap and the liner notes are virtually non-existent.) The TwinTone remasters are due in record shops April 22.

The bonus material:
Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out the Trash

Raised in the City, live, 1980 - demo

Shutup, live, 1980 - demo

Don't Turn Me Down, live, 1980 - demo

Shape Up, live, 1980 - demo

You Ain't Gotta Dance, studio demo

Get on the Stick, studio demo

Oh Baby, studio demo

Like You, outtake

Get Lost, outtake

A Toe Needs a Shoe, outtake

Customer, alternate take

Basement Jam, rehearsal

If Only You Were Lonely


Staples in Her Stomach, outtake

Hey, Good Lookin', outtake

(We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock, outtake

You're Getting Married, solo home demo


Lookin' for Ya

Junior's Got a Gun, outtake - rough mix

Ain't No Crime, outtake

Johnny Fast, outtake - rough mix

Treatment Bound, alternate version

Lovelines, alternate vocal

Bad Worker, solo home demo

Let It Be

20th Century Boy (T-Rex cover)

Perfectly Lethal, outtake

Temptation Eyes (Grass Roots cover), outtake

Answering Machine, solo home demo

Heartbeat -- It's a Lovebeat (DeFranco Family cover), outtake - rough mix

Sixteen Blue, outtake - alternate vocal
Expanded versions of the band's four Sire records — Tim (1985), Pleased To Meet Me (1987), Don't Tell a Soul (1989) and All Shook Down (1990) — are expected to follow later this year.

Let It Be and Pleased to Meet Me likely will be the most coveted reissue titles but here's hoping record buyers will (re)discover Sorry Ma, the ragged, punkish debut that contains several hidden gems in the Mats catalogue: Takin' A Ride, Johnny's Gonna Die (a Johnny Thunders tribute — a live clip of the song, circa 1981, is below) and I Hate Music, which I love for the so-dumb-it's-brilliant lyric: "I hate music/Sometimes I don't/I hate music/Got too many notes!"

Oh, and one final thing: Now that the Replacements are taken care of, let's hope the reissue gods bless us soon with expanded and remastered albums by those other significant '80s Minneapolis acts, Husker Du and Prince. A boy can dream, can't he?

I Hate Music (link expired)

Buy it, starting April 22, here

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Edwin Mundt said...

The Replacements had at least one cassette-only release in the early years. I imagine they'd be pretty rough sounding.

I quite enjoy the Replacements.